Writing is an exploration. You start from Nothing and learn as you go. -
E. L. Doctorow

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Death "Sentence"

The sun was shining very bright
As i look up at the sky
The day was very very hot
The flowing wind was also dry.

Moments ago, I was fighting
Firing shots with my machine-gun
And now I lie on the sand
Gazing wildly at the sun

30 years ago,
When I was born,
My parents were happy
Cuz I was the only son

I look back to the things
As a child I have done
Everything was simple
And life was fun

Things changed, Time flew by,
And we shifted to a town
Things changed, riot broke
And then my world came crashing down

It was the most painful day
As my parents breathed last
I was left all alone
In this world so vast…..

It was my uncle who took care of me
Till the situation became a bit cool
Then unable to decide my future
He took me to an army school

The fun of my life was lost
And I was made to follow strict rules
Maps became my textbook
And guns, my hand tools….

But within this discipline
I found a new home
I found a new family of friends
Along with whom I can roam.

Soon I emerged as a complete soldier
Ever ready to serve my mother land
I was posted to a border village
Surrounded by desert sand.

The days were hot and windy
The nights were pretty cool
Due to the ceasefire condition
No gunfight and life was peaceful

Last night the promise was broken
Shelling was done in lots and heap
We ran and hide to save our life
While 14 of my friends died in their sleep

Things were getting nasty
As the enemy marched forward
We were just handful and helpless
Things were getting awkward

But our army was expecting such situation
And the reinforcement arrived soon
Thus started a bloody battle
Under the peaceful light of moon.

Hours have passed
And the war showing a rising trend
And I lay here in the hot sand
Wondering when the war will end

Now I begin to wonder……

Why do people fight
To get the world under their hand
Though all they need after their death
Is just two meters of land

For their greed they take so many lives
None of them which they own
But for them it doesn’t matter
Cuz all they need is the throne…

Suddenly a face blocks my view
Asks me “Are u OK friend”
I urged him to carry on with the war
And quickly bring it to an end

I knew our position is good
And we will force the enemy to retreat
After that I want to join my friends
In the night for their victory treat

I want to feel the proudest moment
When you win it for your nation
To sing and shout and dance and drink
In the victory celebration

Ohhh ohhhhh ohhhhhh

Why the wind is getting colder,
Is it going to rain???
The sun is getting darker and darker
And suddenly I no longer feel the pain

The noise around me getting silent
And people around are fading sight
And the truth dawns to me
I can no longer make it to victory night

My eyes are closing, my breath is stopping
I no longer feel my body or my hand
But still I am very satisfied
I lived…………. and died for my mother land.


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