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E. L. Doctorow

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Night......(during my summer internship)

It’s well past midnight,
My loneliness at its height;

I lie on the cot looking up at the sky,
I see the moon and the stars held up so high.

The vastness of the sky fills me up with delight,
Coz the twinkling stars present an awesome sight;

These shine like a million gems in the dark night,
Asking me to hold on to my hopes very tight;

It’s true I am losing hope with each and every try,
Every time I see the moon alone in the night sky.

The moon stands alone shining very bright,
Still a vast expanse of sky remains without light.

I look for the constellation where stars form a troop,
That reminds me of us all…..we as a group.

Together we walked, we ran, traveled and explored,
When we were together none of us got bored;

Together we sang, we danced, drank and ate,
Pulling each others leg was our group trait;

Together we cried, laughed and made fun of each other.
Without caring for the world…let them bother.

Gone are the days and now we face the present,
No scope of madness coz we need to be decent.

Far away from each other we face a world new,
Where colleagues are many but friends are few.

We are frustrated and pissed out here,
Longing to be back at home we called Jhabbier.

But I know there is a long wait and a long way.
Coz June comes only after April and May…..

I wish these days get over soon,
How long I can stay all alone like moon.

The loneliness out here is giving me pain,
And I wonder sometimes ….am I going insane??

I am stuck up all alone here,
Distance from u all is hard to bear;

It pains finding u all not around,
Missing u all in this silent sound,

A silent whisper, a secluded tear;
How I wish you all could be here!!!

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  1. Good one.. :) liked it a lot..

    keep posting more poems like this one..


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