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E. L. Doctorow

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Kites.....

This is a story of a man
Las-Vegas was his city,
He wanted to get rich
But luck never showed any pity.

He tried every thing
To make some quick bucks,
From selling popcorn
to driving some trucks.

Illegal migrating girls
Married him for green card sake,
He earned some money
And the marriages were all fake.

And finally he end up
As a cool dancing teacher,
And presented some moves
Like a flexible spineless creature.

A disciple of his
Wanted to give him her heart,
But he denied strongly
Saying Love is not his art.

The girl was the daughter
Of a very wealthy guy,
Our Hero foolishly refused her saying things
Which were neither true nor lie.

All these years he chased money
And followed its way,
And when it came in form of a girl
He stupidly threw her away.

He said sorry to her
And asked for one chance,
And to win her heart
He made her his partner in dance.

The girl parents accepted the guy
And their relationship became strong,
And the guy was happy being rich
And expecting nothing to go wrong.

Then in came the girl’s brother
With the love of his life,
But unknown to him
The girl was our hero’s fake wife.

Our hero and his fake wife
Decided to break their tie,
For the sake of their love
Which was also a lie.

Money and not partner
About which they bother,
And they didn’t realize
They started to love each other.

The girl’s fiancĂ© grew suspicious
And raised one doubt,
Our hero tried to save her
And In process knocked him out.

Our hero and his fake wife
Realized their love for each other,
So they ran away from her fiance
Who was also hero’s dancing partner brother.

The fiance was angry on the girl
Who broke him apart,
And also on her new found love
Who was his sister’s heart.

They ran and ran and ran
From places rich to rot,
And some where in the end
They got tied in a sacred knot.

The story didn’t get over here
As her x-fiance came hunting down,
They started to run, the guy in his wedding coat
And the gal in her wedding gown.

The chase continued
In a weather humid and hot,
And they were sad
Their only friend got shot.

Then the girl got injured
And the guy got hit,
And they started to lose the war
A bit-by-bit.

She knew together they won’t survive
And decided to part their way,
She loaded him in train
& followed by the goons, she drove away.

When the hero came to senses
He started looking for his life,
Who left him in the train alone
And now was his real wife.

He started to look for her and
He met a trusted friend in his way,
His world came crashing down
When he heard what happened that day!!

The guys chased the girl
Till her car came to a complete stop.
She knew the road ended there
& no way out alive from the hill top.

She did find her true love
And now fed up with a life of lie,
So rather than submitting
She chose to die……….

The hero killed all goons
And took the villain’s life,
Then he jumped from the same cliff
To be with his love….his wife.

That’s the story of their love
Life divides and death unites,
And If you still don’t know
Then this is the story of “KITES

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