Writing is an exploration. You start from Nothing and learn as you go. -
E. L. Doctorow

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Final Call

With my eyes closed, I spread my arms
And the wind blowing through my hair
A tear rolled down my cheek
And I know it’s not worth my care

I opened my eyes slowly
And see the setting sun,
I ask the god to forgive me
For all the wrongs I have done.

I lower my eyes and look down below
Every thing looks so tiny and small
I step on the edge and climb the railing
To honor my last and final call.

Standing on the top of 30th floor
I close my eyes again
Once again His face flashes by
And my heart started to pain

Tears rolled down my cheek
As the pain become so unbearable
After he threw me out of his life
My life has become so terrible.

I decided to end this misery
As the pain is so hard to bear
And as I was about to jump
Someone shouted “Hey Stop there”

I opened my eyes and turned back
And saw a guy with his arms up in air
I shouted back at him not to move
And just keep on standing there.

He said “if you want to jump,
I am not going to stop you;
But listen to me what I have to say
And then do whatever you want to do.

Listen to me just for ten minutes,
Cuz it’s a life and death matter;
Anyhow the result will be same,
Whether you jump now or 10 minutes later.”

I thought and decided to hear him out
Knowing that my end is not very far
I replied “Ok speak what you want to
But don’t move and be there where you are.”

He started in a calm voice
“Mine and yours is the same case,
Just half an hour ago
I was standing at your place.

I used to be a happy man
My life was a smooth ride
Friends were always supportive
My family always by my side

And then I fell in love with a girl
And thus started my love race
I sacrificed a lot of things
And I lost my whole base.

I lost my parent’s love
And lost my friends care
All because of the love for the girl
For me, who was always there.

He pauses….takes a deep breath and start again……

The girl who was once the world for me
Now she is in the arms of another man
I thought I was her life then
Now for her, I am no more than a trash can

I had lost each and everything
I was defeated in the race of my life
It was very painful and insulting
Every passing moment felt like a sharp knife

I sacrificed my present and future
For that one cute and lovely face
One fine day when she left me alone
Only death was there to embrace

Everything that I loved and cared for
Is no longer by my side
Humiliating it was to face the world
So I thought of committing suicide

My mobile started ringing
As I was about to jump and fall
That’s when I decided to stop for a minute
And answer that Final call

That call made me change my mind
And cancel my suicide decision
Now I know I need to live
Cuz my life is for a reason

Now just for your 20 month old love
You decide to end it up all
Consider the time span of 20 years
When you were your parent’s doll

There are more things to live for
Don’t give up in the way,
Remember that after every dark night
Wait and live up for a new day.

All those things I wanted to say
I have said it all
Life will call you at time when you give up
Make sure you answer that call.”

Then there was silence.

I said “if you are saying all truth
And not a single word is a lie;
Then why life didn’t call me up yet
When I was almost about to die.

He didn’t reply……but gave me a smile
And started walking back to the door
That is when the truth dawned to me
And I climbed down to the floor.

Now I know its sadness for now
But ahead its happiness in heap
All I wonder why life didn’t talked
When I was almost about to leap?

Then I Realized the Truth……

I looked at the door and thanked that guy
As tears from my eyes started to roll
It was in those long ten minutes he talked
While i answered my final call....

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